The story

Yeslam started by launching his first fragrances « yeslam » for him and for her in 2005. This early success was swiftly followed by the opening of five « yeslam » brand boutiques stocked with the finest leather goods, luxurious accessories such as sunglasses, cufflinks, silk scarf and other precious items that are hard to resist for the cognoscenti who appreciate the very best and understand the value of true luxury.

The man behind his brand

Artist, designer and businessman, yeslam, is from a traditional oriental culture, in which fragrances have always occupied an important place since his childhood in saudi arabia and his student years in the lebanon. It was, in fact, during these early years that he promised himself he would one day create perfumes and other luxury merchandise in honour of the influences of his formative years. His long exposure to the cultures of the middle east gave yeslam a philosophical and aesthetic instinct. Then, having developed an ongoing appreciation of occidental science and technology from an early age, this unusual artist successfully wanted to unite the age-old refinement of the orient with modern european state-of-the-art expertise.

The timepieces

In order to enhance this high-end universe of excellence, yeslam has inaugurated his own workshop dedicated to its luxury watchmaking, where two experts watchmakers work in accordance with the purest watchmaking traditions. With this new collection of « haute horlogerie » timekeepers, yeslam clearly demonstrates the perfect fusion of oriental styling with the great traditions of the geneva watch masters.

The fragrances

A leading figure in the contemporary perfume industry, yeslam is a free spirit with wide-ranging interests and a healthy sense of humour who is open to international influences. His vocation as a perfumer was initially driven by a particular sensitivity to oriental and ocidental style of living. He created his first perfum « classic for women and men in 2005. Since then, his passion for fragrances inspired him to creat other fantastique perfumes.

The bags

The finest and most singular materials are used in the creation of all of the hand-crafted yeslam branded products including leather goods which convey that instant feel and appearance of a product of the very highest quality. The same fundamental desire to achieve the highest standards and attention to detail are applied to all of yeslam’s luxurious leather goods.

The sunglasses

When you wear a pair of yeslam sunglasses you are making a serious fashion statement. When you own a pair of new. Yeslam sunglasses, you own a key to unlock the world of high fashion. Yeslam sunglasses are like nothing you have ever seen before. You will be amazed by the luxury that is delicately presented in each pair. They are like nothing you have seen before. If you want to be original in your choice of eyewear and want to be alone in your exclusivity of elegant design, then yeslam sunglasses is the right decision for you. Someone who wears yeslam sunglasses is someone whohas a high sense of fashion and a high standard of quality.