Terms and conditions 


Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the use / purchase of products in the online store Yeslam Senses Shop LTD. 


These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern your use ("Terms of Use") of the exploited on the Internet shop ("Online Store") by Yeslam Shop Senses LTD ("Yeslam Shop LTD Senses", "we ") Yeslam Senses Shop LTD, and the sale (" Conditions ") of the products offered there (" products "). The conditions of use are the complement of these Terms and Conditions. 

Employing our online store signifies your acceptance of the Terms and the obligation to comply with them. Also please us to read them carefully before using the online store. 

Terms of use 

your Account 

The use of the online store Yeslam Shop Senses LTD makes you personally responsible for the security of your credentials (username and password) and the restriction to only you (e) access to the computer that you connect to it. If presumption of access to your personal and / or account by a third party, or the fear that someone is improperly procured for access, you are required (e) notify us immediately. You warrant the truthfulness and the entirety of the data provided by you Marionnaud for access to its online store and the right to make use of and you agree to update them should they change. 

Yeslam Shop Senses LTD reserves the right to restrict your access to the online store, to block or close your account if you breach it in the law, these Terms or the loyalty card associated with thereof. 


The products on sale in the online store are only available to adults. Those aged under 18 are only allowed to buy products with the approval and under the supervision of a parent or legal representative. 

Communication with Yeslam Senses Shop LTD 

The use of the online store and e-mails to Yeslam Senses Shop LTD is a form of electronic communication. Therefore you agree that Yeslam Shop LTD Senses resort to it to tell you about contractual issues and to share all authorizations, notices and other relevant information, unless the law prescribes for this purpose use other communication media. 


Conclusion of contract 

Your order has legal value proposition to conclude a purchase contract between yourself and Yeslam Senses Shop LTD. Upon receipt thereof, we will confirm your reservation by e-mail. This confirmation does not mean that your proposal has been accepted, but only that we have received your order. The purchase contract does not accrue until the time the goods you ordered are ready to be sent to you and we have confirmed by e-mail. 


Prices shown are net, inclusive of VAT but no shipping costs.

Amount and minimum quantity of an order and safety 

The minimum order value ("order value") is set at 70.00 CHF (without shipping). We draw your attention to the fact that sales of products in the online store Yeslam Shop Senses LTD cater exclusively to individuals are for personal use and in corresponding amounts. Your orders Yeslam Senses Shop LTD is carried in encrypted form (SSL) to prevent third party access to data transmitted. 


For orders up to a total of 120.00 CHF Yeslam Shop LTD Senses charges a participation fee shipping 6.30 CHF per package; from 120.00 CHF shipments are free. An additional 17.60 CHF per package will be charged for shipments by express, whatever the total amount of the order. 


Payment by credit card: the amount of the order plus any shipping costs ("total") is reserved / blocked on your credit card at the time of ordering, but not charged until products you are sent. Payment by payment: payment of the total price (without discount) by payment is due within 20 days (net) from the date of invoice. In case of delayed payment, we earn fees for returning 10.00 CHF on the total amount and we reserve the right to charge an interest of 5% of the total amount from the date of the delay. 


Our deliveries are carried out exclusively via the Swiss Post. Yeslam Shop Senses LTD makes every effort to send the goods to their destinations within two business days of receipt of the order. Despite efforts made to this end, we can not completely exclude the possibility, however, of occasional delays due to high influx of orders during Christmas and Easter 

Canceling Orders 

Until receipt of confirmation of dispatch of the goods, the order is canceled without charge. 

Management of risks and retention of title 

The right of use of the products ordered and risks are transferred to the buyer at the time of delivery by Yeslam Shop LTD Senses with Swiss Post. Products supplied remain the property of Yeslam Shop Senses LTD until full payment of the purchase price. You acknowledge Yeslam Shop Senses LTD the right to include the products at the register of the reservation of ownership of your place of residence. 

Right to return the goods, damage during shipping and warranty 

The buyer is obliged to check the contents of the delivery immediately upon arrival to ensure that it is complete, comply with the order and intact. Any claim to some or all of the products delivered must be reported to Yeslam Shop Senses LTD promptly, but no later than eight calendar days after receipt. 

Yeslam Shop Senses LTD exchange deliveries which do not correspond to the order immediately. You will want to understand that only products packaged and intact are exchangeable. Gift boxes, discounted items and cosmetics already open are not exchanged. The cost of return shipping of products delivered by mistake and postage associated with sending retroactive undelivered items are the responsibility of Yeslam Senses Shop LTD. If the products ordered have been damaged during transport, Yeslam Shop Senses LTD compensate the customer with his own evaluation and replaces free. Our customers are asked to return the damaged goods and inform us in writing of the damage they have suffered. Yeslam Shop Senses LTD assumes the cost of returning products that have been proven to have been damaged during transport. Compensation for any defects other than those related to transportation makes legal provisions for guarantees. Rather than exercise his right to rescind the contract or reduction of the sale price, the customer agrees Yeslam Shop Senses LTD to replace the defective products in products in perfect condition. 

Common provisions 

Responsibility and its limits 

Unless it is expressly stated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions, the liability of Yeslam Senses Shop LTD is limited to obligations prescribed by law, namely that: 

- Any compensation from Yeslam Shop Senses LTD other direct or indirect damages - such as compensation for consequential loss, damage to heritage, lost profits or loss of interest - are expressly excluded; 

- Shop Yeslam Senses LTD disclaims responsibility for serious offenses and acts committed with the intent to harm by auxiliary personnel; 

- Shop Yeslam Senses LTD excludes all liability for damages extra-contractual, subject to compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Liability products. 

Modification of Terms of Use 

Yeslam Shop Senses LTD reserves the right to modify at any time the terms and conditions of its online store and conditions of sale of products that it offers. 

Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

The rights and obligations resulting from this contract covered only by Swiss law, excluding the provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the sale (CISG). The jurisdiction is the seat of Marionnaud Fällanden in the canton of Zurich. Without agreeing to it, Yeslam Senses Shop LTD, is entitled to seize in the event of a dispute, any jurisdiction applicable to the buyer. 

Contact: shop@yeslam.ch 

Imprint: Yeslam Senses Shop LTD, 2 Rue Francois Fort, 1206 Geneva Switzerland